September 19, 2011

Those who do not plan, plan to fail!

 Rant and Tip for September 19, 2011

Quote of the day: Those who do not plan, plan to fail! Unknown My quote of the day I just came up with this morning.(correction someone else did say it) Although I am sure someone else has said it at some point in time I am just not sure who, and if they have and to be frank I have not heard it. It comes to mind because this weekend I failed at planning my meals around all the activities I had going on. I ate way to many bars as replacements to meals and was hungry all day. When all is said and done I just don’t feel as well as if I had planned properly and had real food, healthy meals throughout the day.

There is no and I say NO substitute for real food in the body. Many meal replacement bars and protein bars (there is a difference) have sugar alcohols or sugar substitutes or even worse in my mind SUGAR. Then when you read the labels they have soy protein and all kinds of other preservatives. Now I am not saying they do not have a place in your diet, what I am saying is they should not be meal replacement for an actual meal. This weekend I must have eaten a full box of bars just because I did not plan well. My stomach was a mess, and I just was not at 100% in the activities I attended or the work I was doing.

Strength training has many benefits. This past weekend I was helping my Father in law bring in his doc and the boats lifts. This is usually is an adventure, but this year it was even more of an adventure. I wear a wet suit as we hit the fall because the water can get pretty cold after being in there for a while. Due to the 2 tropical storms that had come through northern NY the lake is pretty high. Well of course those who have met me and know me, know that I not a tall person. The water at the end of the doc was up to my neck and wearing a wet suit adds buoyancy. It was funny try to move things in the water while avoiding floating. We all know I swim like a piece of slate. Well that was the first challenge. Then it was time to bring in the 25-foot boatlift. I thought I would just take the back myself and let 2 guys take the front. My thinking was it is heavier in the front and the 2 of them should be able to handle it. I lifted the back like a military press and watched the two of them struggle to move it forward 5 feet. Not being the most patient man in these situations I suggested my 1 of the guys go to the back and I told him how to lift it. After assessing the situation I told the other guy to go in the back and help him. At this point I had decided to place the lift on my shoulders and walk out with it as if I was performing a powerlifting squat. I got under the bar and stood up and walked it out of the lake. It was not as heavy, as I would have thought it would be and the look on the 19-yr old kid’s face was priceless. My father in-law is use to me doing things that he does not think can be done. I don’t know how many times he has said, “Oh Jim, you can’t do that your going to get hurt.” I am sure he is just concerned but also surprised as well. Many times it is not a matter of being strong but a matter of technique. When you strength train and you use proper form you body gets stronger, and builds muscle memory and can accomplish amazing things. I was lifting the lift with my legs and a strong tight core. This I learned while doing squats. I wish we had video of the task. It must have been funny to watch.

Have a great workout!

Tip: When lifting something heavy use your legs not your back. Squat down leading with your butt and stand up using your glutes, hamstrings

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