September 26, 2011

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Aristotle

Rant and Tip for September 26, 2011

Quote: Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Aristotle

As I was searching for a quote for today’s blog I ran across this one from Aristotle. Man again with this guy. I am starting to like him more and more. As you read this quote you may think what does this have to do with diet and exercise. However, it has everything to do with both and to be honest I have a tough time with patience myself. I want to hit my goals NOW! Actually I mean yesterday. Can you believe that me not patient! OK it is true; I am not the most patient person. I try to be with other people but I am not patient with myself. I want the results now and really do not want to wait. I am learning though. It will take patience for me to make gains and hit my goals. I will continue to put one foot in front of the other. It may be next year, it may be a few months but I know if I am patient, my goals can and will be reached.

If you are exercising regularly and have been for week or two, you may see some results right away. It is when you are a few months in that you really need to be patient. This is when you start to plateau and may feel like you will never make another gain. You really need to have patience at this point and maybe change up your exercise routine. Continue pushing yourself, even if you are just walking. Push a little harder to get a little more progress under your belt. You can do this and you are so worth it.

I was reminded again today to take it slowly, that I might be overdoing it a little. I sometimes want to train an extra day and forget that I am closing in on the 50-yr old mark. It is just that I can almost taste some of my goals right now and I so want to know I have them in my back pocket for a meet. I do not want to get to a meet and not hit a PR that I have hit in the gym. Another words I want today’s PR to be easy on meet day and maybe a new PR set that day. We will see, I just need to be patient and as Rick stated this past weekend, Trust in my workout schedule.

Those of you struggling with your diet know what is coming don’t you. That is right, you need patience as well. Do not expect to lose all the weight you want to lose over night. Not only is it not healthy it is not going to happen. Many people get very excited when they lose 10 to 15 pounds on their new diet the first couple of weeks. Then when weight loss slows down the start thinking, “Darn this is not working I am only losing a pound or two a week.” Really though this is ideal weight loss. If you lose weight to fast your body does not have a chance to get use to your knew body composition. This will result in you putting the weight right back on. Also if you lose weight to fast your skins does not get the opportunity to reduce and regenerate.  How fast does skin regenerate well it depends on many factors.

Our skin regeneration speed varies and relies on how old you are and how well you have taken care of your skin. As we age the cell regeneration pace slows down. Sunlight slows down your skin regeneration pace. Why? Simply because the volume of collagen is reduced. Some dermatologist suggest you use creams to improve collagen regeneration, and it will make your skin seem younger and help avoid wrinkle and sag. The good news is although the process slows down it does not stop. I have also read that vitamin E applied directly to the skin helps. I have no proof of it though and if you choose to do so I would check with your physician. So there is hope as long as we do not lose the weight to fast. Does that make sense? Yeah I know it is all about as clear as mud.

Back to working out tomorrow. I plan on hitting the weights hard after taking the whole weekend off from them. I feel sorry for those plates. I had plenty of time to build up frustration that will need to be burned off.

Have a good workout! I know I will!

If you feel you do not have the time to get your workout in, try actually scheduling it like you do any other meeting. If you find then that you truly do not have a block of time try exercising in ten minute intervals, four to six times a day. It will be a good start and maybe you will find more time later.

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