September 12, 2011

For My Australian Friends

I was checking the stats on my blog the other day and I noticed that I was getting some traffic from Australia. It amazes me the people’s lives that I get to impact with my blog. So I got to thinking since the people that visit my blog from there may have difficulty ordering from my site maybe I can suggest a company to them so I looked around and found Vibrant Vitality.

Vibrant Vitality is a Melbourne-based Australian company dedicated to providing you with top quality, natural products which enhance your health and vitality. You will find that these are carefully chosen certified organic, vegan or raw products containing the best natural ingredients on the market.

I like this company because it carries Organic Products as well as Protein Bars and Probiotics. As many of you are aware I eat a very clean diet and to accomplish this I do supplement to meet my dietary needs. When you work out as much as I do Protein Bars become a staple in my diet. Now while I am not a vegan I do think it is important to provide options for them as well. Vibrant Vitality seems to be able to do just that.

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