September 15, 2011

Success is the sum of small efforts

Rant and tip for September 15, 2011

Quote of the Day: Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out... R.Collier

WOW a truer statement was never made. Every success story being for weight loss, starting an exercise regimen or competing in a power lifting competition all starts with small efforts. OK maybe with the powerlifting it ends up with big efforts in the gym, but it is the small efforts that get us in the gym in the first place.

It is your small efforts that will help you successfully lose the weight you want to lose. Those small steps become big choices. You make those small efforts everyday. From things as simple as choosing to cook something instead of eating out of a box to the small effort you make in the store when you purchase your food. Since I brought up eating out of a box, let’s think about this for a moment. We are mammals correct? Name me another mammal besides our pets that eat out of a box. A side from when my children beg me to have an ice cream with them and I go ahead and make them happy and have it, I cannot remember the last time I ate something out of a box. Maybe, a bag like that which wild long grain rice comes in, but not a box. The small effort of buying whole fresh foods works for me.  So make those small daily efforts that will make you a success.

I will be putting together a new exercise routine for you again. I like to keep changing things up. Who knows maybe I will put my powerlifting routine out here just to get comments from my friends at Albany Strength and my friend Brian in Binghamton. Heck even Dr. D said he would look at what I am doing to make sure I am not over training.

I tried on a bench shirt last night; it was a new experience for me. It was very tight in the triceps and the guy told me it was not tight enough yet. To go to the worlds, if I get the offer, I will need to put on a bench shirt to compete. I prefer to compete in the raw division, but cannot pass up this opportunity if it is given. The stroke on your bench is very different when using on of these shirts. Also you really have to pull down on the bar to get the weight to your chest. I will work with the shirt for a month or so and continue with my raw training on weekends. I have a new goal in mind for my raw bench and hope to hit it in November.

As you start your exercise regimen, like me starting with the shirt remember to concentrate on form. Watch the videos of the exercises I have posted for you to make sure you are doing them correctly. Form is so important in the beginning to build muscle memory. As you build muscle memory the motion becomes second nature to your body. The actual motion will get easier and you will be less likely to get an injury, which could sideline you and make starting over extremely difficult.

Have a great workout!
Tip: Think about what you can add to your diet, not what you should take away. When you think about what you can add as a healthy replacement to the foods that sabotage your efforts. You will be more likely to enjoy eating, and enjoy you new lifestyle.


  1. Jim I'm excited to see your new exercises for us! You also made me think this morning.....I don't think I've eaten anything out of a box since August 2010. It's so weird to think of that!

  2. Jim did you get your payment for being the best online trainer, it's the least I could do for all your support and great advice. Save it up for South Africa :) Had to thank you somehow friend,
    Steph :)