July 3, 2012

“Feel the fear, and do it anyway.” – Susan Jeffers

Rant and Tip for July 3, 2012

Quote: “Feel the fear, and do it anyway.” – Susan Jeffers

This is how I feel when I am squatting heavy. It is also the way many people feel when they choose a new eating regimen. I think I like that better than using the word diet. After all the word diet has the word die in it and really what we are trying to do is live better through eating better. There is a certain fear that many people feel when they see the foods they will not be eating for some time. I hear it often, “Oh I cannot give up my pasta”, or “I have to have my bread” and my favorite “It is just too hard to give those things up.” Really you are telling me that a processed food is more important to your taste buds than eating good healthy foods that not only taste great but also lead you to a road of good health. I always thought that I would miss Pasta, Bread and other processed foods but what I have learned and this is specific to the two foods mentioned is that Pasta and Bread are just venues to hold the food I really enjoy, sauces and the food between the slices of bread. Seriously, it is not the bread and pasta you will miss. You can find sauces that are low in sugar, and let me tell you that tuna, egg salad, or any lunch meat is still dam good without the bread. The choice is yours my friends. EAT TO LIVE or live to eat.

I am in the process of taxing my central nervous system. I am working on getting use to much heavier weight in the squat and am working on the same thing in the bench. Last night was squat night, after my 5 sets of 5 below parallel I started my overload workout. First were 470 on the bar for a walk out and a 6 inch squat meaning just squat back 6 inches. Then I went for 500, I have attempted to walk out with 500 before and thought I was going to collapse. This time while it felt heavy I was completely in control. I squatted it to the 6 inch mark with ease twice and decided to rack it at this point. I did not want to get to failure where I would not be able to walk it back into the rack. I have to admit it felt friggin awesome. OK and the egotistical part of me was jacked when I noticed all the younger guys stopped what they were doing to check out the old man with the huge weight on his back. A couple of the kids actually started asking me questions. Basically all their questions can be answered with two words proper form. Anyway this training process will shock my central nervous system to get use to the heavy weight and let my body know it is ok to squat deep and heavy as well.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Form is very important in the squat and I am still perfecting my own. One of the guys that had questions asked “How do you do that without ruining your knees.” The answer is proper form; leading with our butt is the first movement. This will help you keep from getting your knees over your toes. When your knees come over your toes you are putting to much pressure on your tendons and this will cause issues for you. Lastly the other gentleman who said something to me was commenting on how deep I was getting in my squat. He stated to me he does not see anyone else squat that deep in that gym. I told him if you are going to squat go deep. Get the hips to break parallel. 
Notice Brian's knees are back and not over his toes.

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