July 16, 2012

Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out

Rant and Tip for July 16, 2012

Quote: “Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out.Iris Murdoch

Good Morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.

Many times we will tell our friends and family how we want to get fit and lose weight only to put it off till another day, hence why I chose this quote today. It will happen often in life where we say and want to do something and between the times we say it and then do it we have actually worn out a good pair of shoes. When you consider the additional phase of actually doing another pair of shoes has worn away. Basically my friends what I want to say here is do not let another pair of shoes wear out between saying and doing.

While I am on the subject of shoes let me discuss my preference of shoes based on the activity I am doing. For squatting and benching I like a shoe with a heel. The heel has to be very hard and no cushioning on the inside. The reason for this is for stability in the squat and to help keep the heel down in the bench press events. There are many squat shoes on the market.  I current am using the Wei Rui weight lifting shoe. While it does not give any ankle support it does give a strong heals to push through and with the rubber sole my feet are less likely to slip when driving with my legs in the bench press.

Now as far as dead-lifting I am currently using Chuck Taylors Converse All Stars.  I cannot believe these sneakers were once the basket ball shoe of shoes. When you dead-lift you want to be as close to the ground as possible. This basically means you have less distance to pull the bar. With the Chuck Taylors there is not a lot of cushioning in the shoe so you are close to the ground and there is no heel that would raise you off the ground another inch of so. There are also dead-lift slippers, yes slippers; you cannot get any closer to the floor than using those. They have a rubber type sole to keep you from slipping. I have not tried those yet but someday I just might.

Lastly if you are a runner or other sports enthusiast I cannot express enough how important it is to get the proper shoe for you activity. We often neglect our feet and do not take the time to get the proper foot wear for the event or just everyday wear. Schulers Shoes has a wide range of comfortable shoes to choose from. From athletic wear to everyday comfortable shoe wear. Check them out and see what you can find for yourself.

My training went well yesterday. I had the pleasure of training with a world record holder and great lifting partner John Bogart. We worked out in Oneonta, NY and with his help I am back on track to possibly hitting a world record in the not too distant future. I was able to fix some challenges I was having in my set up and my arch is looking great. I am getting up on my traps better and hope to continue this type of progress. My trainee had a great training session as well and I am sure she will be hitting some new PR’s.

I have been eating and following a low carb plan for few years now and I want to assure people who are just starting this lifestyle change that it does get easier. There will come a point where you can look at cakes and cookies and think to yourself, that sure looks good but have no desire to eat them. That is where I am and I promise you will get there to.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Make wise choices whether it is diet or exercise. Take the time to figure what works in your schedule best. This includes maybe cooking large quantities of food for later in the day or week. This will help you stay on plan and achieve your goals

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