July 20, 2011

UGH another Dentist

Good Afternoon everyone, I little change of pace today. I am fuming right now and had to vent a little bit. To many times over the years I have been forced to find a new dentist. Whether, it was because they no longer take my insurance, my insurance changes or the dentist I like even retires. These things happen I guess. So I had to find a new dentist. This is no easy task I also had to keep in mind down the road my family may need an orthodontist. So off I went searching the internet and I came across The Smile Generation. I thought OK what is this all about. It is a search engine for dentist. I found this to be helpful in narrowing down my dentist search.

Smile Generation does a lot of the hard work for you. I found it interesting they even offered a coupon for certain services. Now of course I will have to check with my insurance carrier if the dentist is participating in my insurance or not but at least I know they use state of the art equipment. I honestly thought all dentists had state of the art equipment. Bottom line here I guess is that I had to find a dentist again and I chose to search through Smile Generation and thought I would share that with you. After all my blog is about fitness and we cannot eat properly if we do not have good strong choppers to eat with.

I feel better now!

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