July 6, 2011

Rant and Tip for July 6, 2011

Good morning, Today I will be squatting. I cannot make it to Albany Strength today because of softball with my daughter. So I will be recording my squats and posting them for my friends at Albany Strength as well as my weekend poster Brian. My plan is to go with my 5x5 workout. There are many 5x5 online generators out there on the web so feel free to check them out. I am hoping at the end of this cycle to have a respectable squat that will help me reach an 1100-LB triple. For those of you that are unaware of what that is it is the combined totals of the three lifts, Squat, Bench press, and Deadlift. My bench is where I need it. My squat and deadlift need to get up some. I need a minimum of 360 in the squat and 440 in the deadlift. Since it will be my first full meet in December I actually need to try to get more than 360 on the squat. A full day of power lifting is like a full day of working out. Each event you need to warm up for then you lift heavy 3 times. I am not sure how squatting is going to affect my bench, if you look at the records it seems the bench totals tend to drop when you have just completed the squat portion of the lift. I think eating enough and eating properly will be the key to being successful that day. The night before I plan on making sure I eat plenty of healthy fats for fuel. I had a great workout yesterday and my workout partner said he has not seen me that strong in a while. I wasn’t sure how to take that. I think I had just gotten enough sleep the night before and all was right with the world. As some of you know I have been struggling with bicep tendonitis. I have done some reading on this and it seems it is usually the result of a shoulder problem. It cannot be rotator cuff because then my bench would suffer. It may be time to get it checked just to make sure nothing is wrong in that shoulder just in case. Wow it seems I have touched on all the key points today. Diet and eating right, getting plenty of sleep, working out hard, and listening to your body are all things I have stated are essential to staying fit and healthy. Funny how this blog evolves, when I first sat down I didn’t know what I was going to say. On another note remember I do have a Questions and Answers page and I would really like to hear from you. Sometimes your questions become topics for the blog. Also please visit my pages where you can order items from Amazon, they are Supplements, Equipment and Atkins Products. I even have a page where some friends have emailed me and asked me to put links to items they would like to purchase called Additional Products. Well, enough self-promoting for a little while now go workout!

Have a great workout!


If you are just starting out with your new diet or new exercise program it is very important that what ever you do you enjoy it. As you can tell I thoroughly enjoy hitting the weights and think that everyone should at least give it an honest effort. Strength training becomes vital as we get older. It is proven that with strength training you can remain active throughout your whole life and enjoy your later years. Strength training does include non-weighted exercises as well. These include push-ups, squats, lunges, and assisted pull-ups are great for the body. Also as you get older maintaining a healthy core is very important

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