July 14, 2011

Rant and Tip for July 14, 2011

Well good morning everyone. It seems I am getting a nice following now and I hope you all take the time to look around and see what this site has to offer. As you can see I am an Amazon associate and if you already shop at Amazon why not start here. I have a page for exercise equipment, Atkins products, supplements and one page that I fill with request from you readers. There are exercise videos and even exercise programs you can follow. I think at the next meet that I do I will ask one of the experienced lifters to show you proper form for the lifts at that event. You already know I power-lift and I assure you the routines on this site are designed for all abilities. From the beginner to the more advanced exercise enthusiast.

Now about my visit to the physical therapist, as I have mentioned before I have bicep tendinitis. It can be pretty painful. Quick movements that jar the bicep tend to send a sharp pain across the entire bicep. It does not affect my bench and it can heal. Remember I have said you need to listen to your body. Well this one of those times that I was not completely deaf. It has bothered me for several months. However, I was stubborn in getting it addressed. Now I have paid for it. The muscle has some atrophy to it now. It is actually shaped a little differently and a little smaller than my left arm and I am right handed. The Physical Therapist told me no bicep curls, and definitely not to do any pull-ups. Basically any exercise that produces the tendon pain cannot be done. That means no dead-lifts and it also means my hope to do a full power meet on August 28th has been squashed. The PT consists of heat, ultrasound and massage therapy. Let me tell you the massage therapy gets deep in the shoulder and is very uncomfortable. There will also be new exercises for me to perform to strengthen my lower trapezius muscles. The bicep tendinitis may be the result of an impingement in my shoulder. The impingement could be the result of week lower trapezius muscles. The upper trapezius muscles are fine.

Due to the bicep debacle my decision to compete in the National event is a little easier. That event is Bench Press only and I will be ready for that on September 3rd. I know I can beat the current National record and look forward to breaking it at that event. Hopefully I will be able to hold my own against any other lifter in my age and weight group. I will continue to train Wednesday nights at Albany Strength and work on exploding the weight off my chest with a pause that is USAPL worthy. I have a month and a half to get the money together for the event. The toughest thing this year was all the last minute planning to compete. I have learned a lot as far as what events are important to do and when to do them. For next year I will be ahead of the game at least in the planning of competing. If you would like to help me get there, any donation would be appreciated. The link is at the left of this page.

For the new readers pick a workout routine and get started. I look forward to hearing from you and your success stories.

Have a great workout!


As I prepare for the Nationals try to set a goal for you to be obtained in the fall. We can get there together. Send me your goals that you hope to achieve by September 3rd and once I have everyone’s results I will try to post them here.

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