July 27, 2011

Rant and Tip for July 27, 2011

Did you drink enough water yesterday! Let’s see how today’s rant flows. I have started increasing my cardio and have recently read an article that stated that the stationary bike with high resistance is great for burning extra fat and maintaining muscle. I guess, when I think about that, it makes sense to me. When I bike I crank the resistance up because I like to feel the burn in my legs when I ride. I biked yesterday and will do another half an hour today. I am still 6 pounds out form my competition weight. Which, means I have to start getting serious about my fat loss. I think I need to increase my calories with some MCT oil. I blog about this awhile back.

As far as my workout today I plan on hitting my back muscles. Shoulders are still out because of the bicep tendonitis. However, the therapist did tell me to start doing bicep curls for a reps of 15, with only 5 pounds . Ugh this is a slow process.

Have a great workout!


Don’t get discouraged. If you miss a day working out, or even a whole week, don’t get down on yourself—just get back on track when you’re ready and keep your goals in mind. In most cases when you body becomes use to working out it is going to crave getting back to the gym. It is a good idea to take a week off or two sometimes. This really gives the muscle time to heal.

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