July 19, 2011

Rant and Tip for July 19 2011

Had a good workout yesterday and PT on the bicep went well. I think the deep tissue massage is as hard on the therapist as it is on my. They really have to work to get to the tendon and their hands get fatigued. Yesterday they added the arm peddler machine. Not sure what that was suppose to do other than warm up the muscles.

The therapist thinks my problem stems from an imbalance in my muscle between my front and back. He has given me some exercises to work the lower and middle trapezius muscles. Some of the exercises I am already familiar with but he wants me to hold the muscle flexed or engaged for 20 seconds on each rep. He wants 20 reps on each exercise. Also there are 5 motions he has me doing for sets of 15 reps with holding at the flexed point for 5 seconds. The range of motion is small on these exercises so they go fast. Maybe I will record these for the exercise video section of the blog.

Have a great workout!


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