July 8, 2011

Rant and Tip July 8th 2011

Good Morning,

It is a little late in the day for me to be putting up my post I know. It is almost 11:00 AM and I usually post at 5:30 AM. It has just been busy. Today I finally had my shoulder and the bicep tendonitis looked at by a specialist. I do have and impingement in the shoulder. Not a big deal just means I need to do more rotator cuff exercises. The bicep tendonitis I am going to get some PT for. The doc suggested some STIMS and Ultrasound therapy. Hopefully everything will feel better in a month. In the gym I workout in there are many people that are in their golden years. I am so impressed with their dedication to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A few are just starting their workouts and of course have questions about the machines at the facility. I am always happy to assist them. This all goes back to some of the statements I hear from people, where they state "I am too old to start strength training." First of all you are never too old. There is a gentleman who is in his 80's and still competes in the 100% Raw Power lifting federation. I have not met him but I have read about him. Secondly if you take it slowly you will progress nicely and you won't have the extreme soreness some people get when they first start out. Recently a person told me they saw a trainer and that trainer put them through a workout so intense that they were sore for 4 days. They didn’t want to go back to working out again. I hear this pretty often. I think this is where a trainer fails their clients. If you are a trainer, and this is in my most humble opinion, you need to take in consideration the type of person you client is; Are they the type who needs to be pushed or are they the type who needs to have their hand held with gently encouragement. Has the client ever workout out before and based on their age and physical activity set up a program that will be both encouraging and effective. One thing that is true of every trainer/client relationship is that the trainer works for you. An honest and open discussion should take place before the first workout session so you both can be comfortable with each other.
Have a great workout!

Tip: When considering hiring a trainer don’t make a quick decision. Talk to a few trainers and choose the one that is the best fit for you. Discuss your goals and how that trainer plans on getting you there.

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