June 1, 2011

Rant and Tip for June 1, 2011

Good morning and what a morning it is. The birds are chirping and people are already outside running and it is only 5:30 AM. You have to love this. Today I want to address the ladies out there and let them know it is a good thing for them to weight train as well. If I heard it once I have heard it a hundred times. I suggest weight training to a female co-worker or online friend and she says to me I don’t want to get bulked up. Listen in most cases the women you see that are bulky are taking something. I have seen many woman in the sport of power-lifting who are very strong and none of them are taking any performance enhancing drugs. They can’t because it would be caught in a drug test. Women simply don't produce enough of the hormone testosterone to build muscle mass the way that men do. If you see an over-muscled woman in a body building competition, chances are that she has used a synthetic testosterone such as anabolic steroids. Weight training for a woman will strengthen and tone muscle, burn fat and increase metabolism, not build mass. I have several friends that are female that lift and let me just tell you they are beautiful healthy women who are just that, all woman. I really want you ladies to know not to be afraid of the gym or the weights if you workout at home. So no more excuses ladies, lets get hitting the dumbbells and if you darling better half has earned the nickname dumbbell please don’t go hitting them.

Have a great workout!

Tip of the day:

As I write the above it strikes me that it's human nature to focus on what you are good at, but when trying to get fit, you should instead be focusing on what your not good at. If your upper body is better developed than your lower body, make sure you assign one or two days per week to work only on this area. My strong point is my bench. My weak point is my legs. I try to hit my legs twice a week. Quoting Ron Harris “If hate leg day you are working them hard enough”… Let me tell you there are days I hate leg day!

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