June 3, 2011

Rant and Tip for June 3, 2011

I want to tell you all about a friend of mine I met at a power-lifting meet. Her name is Katia, she is 105 lbs and holds a few records for her weight class. She is a personal trainer and is a dynamo. In a recent meet she bench pressed 143.3 lbs, squatted 214.9lbs and dead-lifted 242. These are some pretty impressive numbers. She works hard and plays hard as well. At least it looks like that from the photos I have seen. You can Google her web-site ONTHEMOVEFITNESS.US. The reason I wanted to mention Katia is to prove a point. She IMHO is not big and bulky but is very strong and physically fit. Ladies do not be afraid of the weights. They want to be held by you. They do not get jealous when you hold a different set, and when you leave them on the floor or put them in there home on the rack they will be right there. I have yet to see a set of weights at the bowling alley or at the bar trying to get picked up there. I guess you do have to watch them in the gym, someone may pick them up there. Thank you Katia for allowing the pleasure of posting your numbers. Alright my meet is tomorrow, I get to weigh in tonight and I am at 164 this morning, I should be set for that tonight. Wish me luck my friends.

Have a great workout!

Tip of the day:

    There are many ideas surrounding protein level intakes and how it should be consumed. When I am training very hard and that is most of the time, I like to get in 1.5 grams to 2 grams of protein a day per lean body mass. I consume the protein in 30 grams intervals. I have read somewhere that your body cannot digest more than that in a meal without having to store the extra grams. Doing this also ensures I have my metabolism cranked. I eat often through out the day. If you are not training at the levels I am then .6 to 1 gram per lean body mass will be fine for you.


  1. thanks for the infor Kippers… oh yeah, good luck in your meet… (cleo)

  2. Good rant Jim. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Wishing you many positive thoughts & much good luck tomorrow!