June 7, 2011

Rant and Tip for June 7, 2011

Let’s talk about carbohydrates a little bit. This is a huge debate in the general community. I follow a low carbohydrate diet higher fat diet. I was recently talking with a doctor friend of mine, much to my surprise agreed with this approach. He stated that while everyone is watching fats the problem is the carbohydrates they are eating. Way to many carbs in the diet will be stored, as fat and the simple carbohydrates are the real culprits. When you eat carbs, your body converts them from starches to sugars that are either burned or stored. The simple carbs are broken down by the digestive system, the quicker your blood sugar will go up thus the higher the GI. For example, white bread breaks down rapidly, while apples take a little longer. The theory is that when your blood sugar shoots up quickly, your metabolism is affected. The body responds with a surge of insulin, which causes the sugar to be stored in muscle and fat. A hormone that normally tells the body to burn it's stored fuel, is inhibited by the high sugar. Your blood sugar then decreases dramatically, leaving you hungry again. Ever notice after eating your Chinese take out you feel hungry again fairly quickly? Last week I posted about a study done in Australia that addressed the energy levels between low fat and low carb diets. If you recall both diets will sufficiently fuel the body, while the low carb diet is also more efficient at burning that unwanted fat off the body. I know for myself a low carb lifestyle has helped me get to where I am today. I will say this. When you go to a low carb way of eating the first two weeks are rough. Head-ache and almost feeling like you have the flu. This goes away and I promise you will feel great once your body starts burning fat for fuel.

Have a great work-out!

Tip of the day:

Surround yourself with supportive people. Decide what kind of support you need. Do you want them to remind you to exercise? Ask about your progress? Participate with you regularly or occasionally? Allow you time to exercise by yourself? Go with you to a special event, such as a 5K walk/run? Be understanding when you get up early to exercise? Spend time with the children while you exercise? Try not to ask you to change your exercise routine? Share your activity time with others. Make a date with a family member, friend or co-worker. Be an active role model for your children. If your spouse does not share your passion or your want to get healthy you cannot make them. However you can still surround yourself with friends who can and will be there for you. You can even set up a supportive group of friends online. JUST LIKE HERE!


  1. Hi, Jim....
    Thank you for this website it is amazing!!!! I teach water aerobics and I am
    a new Low Carb person! I was worried that I would not have the energy needed to teach on deck, in the sun...But I am doing good.

    Thanks, again

  2. America needs to understand how this works and not be afraid, it will save their lives and open up a whole new world, a healthy, active lifestyle, no matter what age, thanks Jim, you couldn't have explained it better :)