June 16, 2011

Rant and Tip for June 16, 2011

When going on a field trip with a group of 5th graders be sure to bring proper walking shoes, and if it is an amusement park be prepared to see sites you don’t want to see. I mean really what are some people thinking when they go to the park. First off, flip-flops really with all the walking and the projectile kid vomit that could potentially be spewed. Nope not me no flip flops here. OK enough of that I could go on forever regarding how people dress at the amusement park but I guess it is amusing. I just wonder what runs through a 5th graders head when he or she sees people running around dressed the way some of these people are. OK now since I was the park all day I only got my walk in and some cardio running after my son. I also got some triceps; biceps and shoulder work in while spinning the teacups. After the first time every time my some saw a friend he wanted me to spin them all on the teacups. It was a work out and pretty funny.  I find my self doing dips in line at the park and calf raises on the stairs going up to the ride many times. So I guess I did get my exercise in. The best part was my son was not embarrassed once.

Have a great workout!

You can work out anywhere, yeah you may get some funny looks when you do calf raises on the stairs. However when they look at your calves they will be impressed enough and wish they had the determination to do what your doing. Or they may just think you are nuts and if that is the case you are in good company with me. That is if you think I am good company.

I recently came across  Become.com. They are an online shopping website and they do have some athletic wear. If you are looking for Baseball Cleats or Football Cleats  at a great price. Then you need to check out Become.com. They also carry Lacrosse Sticks I am so trying to encourage my son to give this sport a shot. Of course he still wants to power lift like his dad.

Become seems to have a little bit of everything. They even have some Father's day gift ideas. If you get a chance to check them out you may find just what you need and maybe somethings you don't.

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