June 30, 2011

Rant and Tip for June 30 2011

As June comes to an end I am looking forward to a nice summer. Hopefully all this rain will let up enough so things can dry up. Yesterday was a day for squatting; I went to Albany Strength and worked on my form. Working on my muscle memory. I know you have heard that song and dance before. How about talking about fueling your body instead. One of my friends who lives in New Hampshire, you know who you are, works out like a mad woman. She does twice as much cardio as I do. and she strength trains for longer periods than I do. At least it seems that way. She often struggles with reaching her goal weight, which is probably set too low. Now, some of this is because she is putting on muscle, and I believe the other reason was she was not eating enough. This was putting her body in preservation or starvation mode. She was on vacation for a little while, and I assume was not working-out to the level she normally does. She sent out a note today stating she was back from vacation and let us know she dropped two pounds. I am opining that this is because her body was not over worked for the amount of food she was taking in. The human body is an amazing machine. It is able to determine when it is getting too much exercise or food and it even tries to warn us. If we listen to it and pay attention to our bodies we will be happier healthier people, while reaching our goals.

Have a great workout!


If you are working out but not losing weight, you may be surprised to learn that you're not eating enough to lose weight. Nutrition experts say many active people could lose more weight and perform better if they ate more. If you are hungry, and I mean truly hungry then have something to eat. No, I am not talking about a bowl of ice cream that you may be craving. I am talking about a healthy snack on your diet plan.

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