June 24, 2011

Rant and Tip for June 24, 2011

Good Morning, very busy day ahead of me today.  I am home with my children, and have a lot to get done. I will be working on my deadlift form today. I will use lighter weight and work on my lock out without losing my balance. I need to create some muscle memory for this lift. You can use, and should use, this principle with any new exercise that you add to your routine. Once you have the form down correctly, then you can start increasing the amount of weight you use, and reduce the chance of injury or in my case, get 3 white lights instead of just one on my lift. When I wrestled when I was much younger we had a 10-point drill. This was an action/reaction drill designed to stimulate muscle memory. You and a teammate would go through this drill repeatedly every day. Switching start positions to make sure we set the muscle memory in both directions. This worked very well and when you got to your match many times you countered an opponent's move without thinking about it. This is what I want to build into my lifts. I want to push or pull heavy weight without having to think about my form. Today when you workout, try to build in some muscle memory for your lifts. 

Go a little lighter today and make sure your form is sharp and add an extra few reps per set. Then add a couple extra sets. Let’s build some muscle memory together.

Tomorrow will be a special treat. I hope to have a guest blogger for you all. He is one of my powerlifting friends and you have heard me refer to him as a beast in the deadlift.

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