June 6, 2011

Rant and Tip for June 6, 2011

Wow what an event that was on Saturday the 4th. I had a great time. I was way over psyched for the bench press and forgot to wait for the press command twice. However I did bump up my state record by 5 pound so I will take that. Now here is the really interesting part. I competed in the deadlift for the first time ever. I was hoping to pull only 375 as that was my consistent best in the gym. I pulled a PR of 407 lbs. Wooo HOOOO. I can’t believe it. I felt like it went up pretty easy. However I did bobble at the top, loss my balance a little and the judges did not give me the lift but I totally understand why. Since I pulled it so quickly I shocked myself and threw my shoulders back to fast. Which put me off balance a bit so I had to lean forward and the bar came back down a bit and then I settled it out. The drop back down is what failed. I am still stoked though and you can see the video on my facebook page. Prior to this I had never even pulled 400 off the floor and when I did I thought I was going to get a hernia. It just goes to show you with proper form and the right nutrition and hard work anything is possible. I have to re-assess my goals for the Gobbler Open in November. Getting 400 in the deadlift needs to be bumped to 450. I want to thank Mike Macrea, and Brian Espino for their pointers in the dead-lift and Marcus Morris for warming up with me. Thanks guys.

Have a great workout!

Tip of the day:

When we work hard at something we can really shock ourselves. Give yourself the opportunity to achieve things you may not have thought possible before. Two years ago I never would have thought I would be competing in a power-lifting event. Set your goals my friends, then break them down to smaller goals and hit them. Don’t allow the thought I can’t do this get in your head. There are 2 kinds of people in the world those who say they can’t and those who say they can, THEY ARE BOTH RIGHT!

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