June 8, 2011

Rant and Tip for June 8, 2011

Worked out light yesterday to give this old body a bit of a rest. I plan on doing a full power-lifting meet sometime in the fall. Either in the USAPL or 100% Raw Federations. I was hoping to do the Bench Press Nationals in September but I am having trouble getting a sponsor to help defray some of the cost. I think my friend Amethyst might be right I should contact AARP for next year. I will be 50 then and they might be interested then. LOL. OK as far as getting ready for a full power meet I found a 5 X 5 work-out generator. You can find it here ,I love this work-out. I am going to use it for the summer in preparation. You put in you one time max and it does the rest with a push of a button. At the end of the cylce I should be able to do my one time max 5 times. I plan on doing this for my Bench, Squat and Deadlift. When I bench I will do the first rep with a nice long pause and then the last 4 touch and go to get some explosive power in the lifts. The other thing I need to do and this my friend goes for you to, is drink my water. Drink a lot of it to. Keep your muscles and body hydrated. Sometimes when we are hungry the real problem is that we are dehydrated. So the next time you have feel hungry try a nice glass of cold water. If the water is cold enough you will burn calories just letting your body warm it up to body temperature. OK OK maybe not a real countable amount of calories but calories just the same. Remember baby steps and mini goals.

Have a great work-out!

Tip of the day:

I recently found this on drinking water. “A young male athlete's body is about 75% percent water, while a young female athlete typically boasts about 70% percent. Nearly two-thirds of the water shows up in the muscles, while the rest can be found in the bloodstream. Men and women both, may find themselves "in a constant state of dehydration." Generally, athletes wait for their sense of thirst to signal that it's time to drink. However, thirst is sensed only after dehydration has started. More importantly, once you are dehydrated, it may take as much as 48 hours to properly re-hydrate. This is why so many athletes, unknowingly, are in a constant state of dehydration. As blood volume becomes diminished, blood flow along with oxygen and other nutrients to the muscles is significantly reduced, rendering them less functional. So, DRINK A LOT OF WATER !” Keep a bottle of water with you always!

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