March 30, 2012

Alarm Went Off

Alarm Went Off

Posted by Arden Wallace

I just got a call at work from my neighbor saying that she heard my home alarm security system going off. I called my husband, and he is on his way over there right now. I really hope nothing has happened. Lately, there seems to be a rash of break-ins occurring. I think it has to do with how bad the economy is, and how Christmas is just around the corner. People feel compelled to spend money they don’t have, and perhaps even go to any lengths to get it. I don’t know, that is just my thoughts. I tend to give people the benefit ofthe doubt, and see that, like me, they are just doing the best they can. Of course, I would never rob someone. I’m waiting for my husband to call me back and tell me what is going on at the house. I wish I could go find out for myself right now, but I’ve got to stay here with my group until 3 in the afternoon for sure.

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