March 15, 2012

Every man dies. Not every man really lives

Rant and Tip for March 15, 2012

Quote: “Every man dies. Not every man really lives” – William Ross Wallace

It is absolute that every man dies. However we can grab a hold of life and really live it to its fullest. I have had close friends and family members say to me, “You are not enjoying life eating the way you do”. Oh contraire, I say I am living life even more than they are. I chose to eat to live, and not to live to eat. Also I truly enjoy healthy meats and vegetables cooked in great seasonings and I have a great variety of foods to choose from. I do not have to compromise when I go out to dinner. The restaurant is more than willing to accommodate my dietary needs. Getting an extra serving of steamed or grilled vegetable over having some fried potatoes or some other glaze encrusted side dish. I am living life now to it fullest. I get the honor as a grown almost 50 year old man to compete in a world event and represent the country I live in. Now if that is not living life I do not know what is.

Sorry I did not write yesterday, I had trouble getting out of bed. I even had trouble getting out of bed today. I may have to start writing this blog the night before posting. I do find it therapeutic to write. It helps me prepare for the day. I say my morning prayers, get out of bed, hit the bathroom for my morning routine and then downstairs for a cup of coffee and to write. Like I said though, I may have to start writing this at night.

Training today will consist of some arm work. Strong triceps are a key component in the bench press and I do have some lofty goals in the bench. While I am not sure if at my age I can get to a raw bench of 385 like Dr. Damian Fronzaglia, I do have the confidence that I can get to a 350 to 360 raw bench press. For my triceps I will be doing the following workout:

Skull crushers - 3 sets 8
close grip bench or Cable push downs - 3 sets 8
Overhead triceps press - 3 sets 8
Weighted Bench dips - 3 sets 8

After this I will hit the biceps, the biceps really used in the bench press, however I do want to look symmetrical.

Dumbbell curls - 4 sets 8
Preacher curls - 4 sets 8
Concentration curls - 4 sets 8

Have a great workout!
 I was asked yesterday by a co-worker what protein supplements I use. Now there are many out on the market. Some are very expensive and are really no different from the cheaper ones. For me there is a big factor though and that is taste. If it tastes like crap I am not going to use it. I cannot just force it down. I will gag. So here is what I suggest. Go to GNC they have a policy that if you buy something and you do not like it you can return it and put the cost towards another brand. GNC also has a policy for matching competitors prices. Now I am not a big fan of a company that states oh we will match cost, but you cannot beat the fact you can taste something and bring it back. Please check with your local GNC on that policy. I am not sure if it is Nation Wide. Now although Albany Strength Gym is not national I have to say they have the best prices on protein in my area. They even beat the Amazon prices. So if you are local and in the Albany area please go to Albany Strength for you supplement needs. Lastly if you do go to GNC and find a brand you like, then go to my Supplements page and get it through Amazon. They are always cheaper than GNC.

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