March 9, 2012

Set your expectations and expect that they be followed

Rant and Tip for March 9, 2012

Quote: “Set your expectations and expect that they be followed”

Many managers of business live by this creed. I like to apply this to myself. I set my own expectations and I expect that I follow them. To many times we tell ourselves we want something and we expect that we should do things in a specific manor to get there, but fail to follow through. Tell yourself that this is the expectation,  and you are your own boss. Since you truly are the boss of yourself, do not disappoint this boss. They are with you the rest of your life and they can make it miserable for you if you do not follow up on the expectations.

So many people today use trainers. However, I find many times that a client will fail on their end of the bargain, as often as the trainer does. We talking to a potential trainer be sure to be specific on how the trainer can help you. State clearly and directly what your expectations are. Be prepared for the training to tell you whether or not the goal is achievable or not. Once a clear direction is set when things get tough the trainer can remind you what you are training for. The next step is to recognize your own short comings. If you were out on the night before and came home at 2 AM and ate the piece of cake sitting on the counter, let your trainer know, they may bump up your cardio that session to help burn it off.

Everyone wants immediate results, however it takes time for nutrition and exercise to transform a body into the lean machine you want it to be. Don’t get frustrated if you are not where you want to be overnight. Remember you are in it for the long haul. The same goes for your eating habits, do not beat yourself up over an unplanned cheat on your diet plan. The release of the stress hormone will just make it more difficult to lose weight. Just reapply yourself and set your expectation and expect that you will follow it.

Deadlifts today! I have not worked my deadlifts in a while because I have been concentrating on the world BP meet coming in May. However today I am going to hit some high reps with perfect form. Well at least I hope with perfect form. I think I will video the lifts if the gym will allow me to. This way I can have a couple of friends critique my lifts.

Talking about friends did you know that having a workout partner can actually help you get a better workout. A study in New Zealand, men generated 3% more power while hearing comments on how well they were performing an exercise. “It is easy to lose focus and motivation when lifting, and that can decrease performance.” Stated lead study author Christos Argus, PH.D. “We believe providing feedback keeps people on track” I whole heartily agree. The past few weeks I have see the same thing happen to me. My workout partner for during my lunches has been nursing an injury. Yesterday was his first day in the gym in a long time. I got one of the best shoulder workouts I have had in a very long time.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Choose a trainer wisely. Ask them a lot of questions and get to know their personality. Make sure your personality can jive with theirs. You do not want to choose a trainer that you are not going to enjoy working with.

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