March 26, 2012

Ontario / New York Cup Results a lesson learned

The Debut of Team OMG

Rant and Tip for March 26th, 2012

Quote “Put some weight on that bar”

You here this in a power lifting meet when a lifter opens real light or is just having one of those days where it is all going their way. Every lift seems to get snapped right into place and everyone around them thinks the person could have gone heavier. 

Saturday was the Ontario/NewYork Cup. It was a well run event by 100% Raw and Hunter Claypatch deserves a lot of credit for running a two platform event. Nice job Hunter. With that said Team OMG took first place in the single lift team standings. It was our first meet as a team and we had a great time. There will be many pictures to follow. Her is a shot of us with the team trophy.

I had a good meet and set a Masters record in the combined total for squat, bench and deadlift. I totaled 1040. I was a little disappointed in my squat and my bench. On both of those lifts I missed my third attempt. During my last squat at 350 pounds I rushed to the platform and did not put my mouth guard in. I like to bite down hard on the guard when I lift a heavier weight. I also did not take my breath right and saw stars on the way down to the point I panicked and came up a hair to early. Even with a coach yelling at me down down down. I just got thinking I do not want to pass out with 350 lbs on my shoulders. I will get it next time. I also missed my 319 bench. This was a real let down. I did not even get the weight half way up. Seeing as I had pressed 325 last November you can see why this annoyed me. My deadlifts went as planned and I made all three lifts. I still have a little to work on with my form and yes get stronger in the lift. I pulled 413 but strongly believe with some hard work I can get over 450 and maybe someday 500… However the clock is ticking and this old man is fighting it tooth and nail one pound at a time.

One issue I think that attributed to my not getting those 2 lifts is my weight. I weighed in at 159.1 pounds. This was way too low. I had dehydrated too much and even with drinking like a mad man I could not rehydrate fast enough. I got panicked yesterday when 2 scales I weighed myself on were different by more than a pound. I decided to continue to dehydrate for the rest of Friday before weigh-ins and it was just too much. A lesson learned right there. I will not have this problem in May. I will have access to the official scale starting on Sunday and I do not lift to Wednesday. In that event I want to come in right on weight. Here is my 350 pound squat, although the depth was not there I had the power.

Back to working out for me today, I get to work in the bench shirt today and will give you all an update tomorrow. I will be concentrating on getting some big numbers in the shirt now with a month and a half left before I leave for the meet in the Czech Republic. So it is chest day for me. For those of you who follow the schedule I have posted for a more advanced workout you have legs today:

Squats- 4 sets 10
Calf raises- 4 sets 10
Thigh extensions if doing at home try sitting on a chair with a dumbbell held with your feet
4 sets 10
Lunges - 4 sets of 10 Leg curls - 4 sets of 10

Have a great workout!

Tip: Keep you fluids up when working out. Your muscles need the water!

My 413lb deadlift


  1. A hair away from a double bodyweight bench - that's crazy stuff - especially for an old-timer haha!

    Best of luck training for the IPF Worlds