March 29, 2012

“ Unless you’re willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go success won’t happen

Rant and Tip for March 29, 2012

Quote:  “ Unless you’re willing to have a go, fail miserably, and have another go success won’t happen.” Phillip Adams

When we finally decide to lose the unwanted fat on our bodies and decided to get fit you will have days where you fail on your diet or fail on your exercise session. Like your parents use to say “ You need to get right back on the bike” You need to be willing to fail, however here is the tough part, you also need to be willing to have another go at it. I failed in my third squat this past weekend. I will attempt that weight again and I will be successful.

I am often asked “How much should I eat before and after I work out?” This is a trick question. We all have different metabolic rates. So how many meals should you eat before working out is a question only you can really answer. If you are a person who works out in the morning and that is the only time you schedule allows then you already know you are only going to get one meal in before a strength training session. If  not then you have some things to consider. You have to keep a log of what you have eaten for the day and then log how your workout went each day. Then also track your body weight. If you have a really good work out one day then the amount you ate prior was probably the proper amount for you. You will also need to at this point watch your body fat percent and track that as well. You will find the perfect storm so to speak where you are able to put on muscle and lose unwanted body fat. This takes a little time and effort but is achievable.

Shoulders and back for me today. The shoulders are the base from which I push in the bench press. The stronger the base the more weight I will press up. So I will continue to train these muscles as well as train my arch for the bench. One of the things I have been doing is using a 4 inch PVC pipe under my back and forcing my butt and shoulders to touch the floor or bench, thus stretching my back and rib cage. As the arch gets bigger the stroke on the bench gets smaller and the power to press he weight up increases.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Stretching should be a part of your exercise schedule. Be sure to stretch before and after you sessions.

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  1. Great idea to journal that. Never thought about doing that.

    So you aren't of the opinion that stretching before a workout isn't necessarily as good as once thought?