March 5, 2012

“Even if you stumble, you’re still moving forward.”

Rant and Tip for March, 5 2012

Quote: “Even if you stumble, you’re still moving forward.” Unknown

I am not sure if I have used this quote before or not but thought I would put it out there today anyway. Many times people will attempt to do something new. Whether it be changing the way they eat or starting a new exercise program. With either one there will be times where you stumble in your attempts. There will be times when you fail in following your diet, and there will definitely be times where you do not hit a lift you wanted to get up. When you do stumble like that, keep in mind you are still moving forward. If you were not moving forward you would not have stumbled in the first place.

I thought I would take a different path on my blog for the next few weeks. Based on my calculations I have about 11 weeks of training left before the World Bench Press meet in the Czech Republic. I plan on working my bench twice a week and with my one training partner away for the next month I will be training at Cutting Edge Sport Sciences. The owner is Dyke Naughton he has experience in bench shirts, and has trained professional athletes.

I had a good workout yesterday and recorded my session with the help of Carol, my new videographer. LOL Carol is a strong woman and benches on Sunday’s as well. I worked with bands and chains yesterday. Working with bands and chains helps a lifter get stronger with their lockout at the top of the lift. This will help me meet my maximum potential when using the bench shirt.

My warm up was:
The bar for a set of 10
135 for 10
185 for 10
225 for 5
255 for 1

Now for the Chain and Band work:
The bar is set up with a 33 band that is choked 3 times ( I am still learning what that means)

Bar weight                             Band                                      Chains
136                                         33                                           38 lbs
178                                         33                                           74 lbs
218                                         33                                           112 lbs
196                                         33                                           112 lbs  
The last set is a close grip set about 4 fingers in from my competition grip

Some shots of the Cutting Edge Gym

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