April 2, 2012

You have worked hard but you have to work 10 times harder” Sebastian Burns

Rant and Tip for April 2, 2012

Quote: “You have worked hard but you have to work 10 times harder” Sebastian Burns
Yesterday while working out the trainer said to me, “You have already worked hard, now you have to work ten times harder.” It struck me that life is this way in general. Even with your diet and just getting to the gym to get your exercise in, you need to work hard. With your diet you will hit plateaus and stalls. Your body will defy you and not want to lose any more weight. This is when you have to work ten times harder. It may just be perseverance you need to work on. Giving your body a chance to get use to the new you, which you are building. It could also be that you need to become more disciplined in tracking your foods so that you know which foods cause you to stall. I have mentioned before one of my stall foods are Macadamia nuts. The problem for me with those is that I cannot eat just a serving. So what I do is pre-portion them out. I make my own single serving packs and that helps solve the problem. This may work for you to.

Now as far as your exercise you will hit plateaus as well. This is why it is important to change up you routine every few weeks so the body does not get use to the level you are at. If you do not push yourself to press heavier weight you will never press heavier weight. Now this may not be your goal. Maybe you are happy with your current strength levels and that is fine. In this case change the exercises you are doing to confuse the muscles a bit. Instead of squats do some leg presses, there are a sundry of exercises that you can do.

I have recently started working out with Sebastian Burns; he is an expert in the Bench Shirts. He has already improved my stroke and I am now pressing some big numbers. He believes the numbers are just going to get bigger. I will still need to do some lockout work so I can lockout anything I get off my chest and I have 6 weeks to get stronger in that range. I will be doing a lot of board presses and band work. Both of these methods will assist in getting stronger in the lockout.

Here is a video of one of my sets last night.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Rev Up The Intensity
Try performing strip sets in your workout. A strip set is when you do a set at one weight and then do another set right after at a lower weight. Try performing 3-4 strip sets with the last set performed until failure.

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