April 5, 2012

You’re almost 50, 165 pounds and Drug free, you need to train smart

Rant and Tip for April 5, 2012

Quote: “You’re almost 50, 165 pounds and Drug free, you need to train smart” Mike and Dyke!

In the past week I have had a couple of training partners remind me to listen to my body and train smart. They are all in my corner watching out for me and making sure I do not do something stupid between now and the World Bench Press meet. I have an opportunity here to set a world record in my age bracket and body weight. I have to press over 205 kg or 452 pounds. I am still going to train hard and get the max out of the old body, however I will train smart. As we age our bodies tend to breakdown a little faster than we did in our youth. We need to be careful and train smart. That does not mean we cannot get stronger, it just means we need to be careful doing it. Our tendons and joints have already been through a lot of stress and strain over the years and now they just need to more time to heal between heavy training sessions.

Today while you train pay attention to your body. If you feel joint pain you may want to take a little time off for that body part. Muscle pain can be a good thing in the terms of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). When I train my legs I tend to have DOMS for a couple of days.

As you attack your diet you will also need to keep in mind that as we age our metabolisms tend to slow down. This is for many reasons part of which we slow down ourselves. This is why I feel exercise is so vital in losing and maintaining a healthy body weight. If you do not have time to exercise or have health restrictions just keep in mind that the weight will come off, you just need to be more patient. Old fat is hard to lose.

I am still looking for a few more sponsors to offer a door prize for my benefit. If anyone is interested please contact me through my email above. Currently I want to thank the following sponsors for their donations of their services; Cutting Edge Sports Sciences, Bruegger’s Bagel Shop, ReBalance Massage Therapy , The Meat House, Zaika’s Indian Restaurant.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Your body will communicate to you on a daily basis. Some days it tells you, that you feel great other days it is letting you know when something just is not right. Listen to your body and take care of it. This is an area where I need to listen to my own advice.

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