August 4, 2011

Rant and Tip for August 4, 2011

Good Morning, I hope you all are getting into a regular routine with you exercise regimen. I will not be around to post for about a week. Starting tomorrow. This may be a good time for some of my new followers to go back and read some of my past post. I hope Brian is able to get me his weekend post tonight or early Friday morning. I am also hoping another power lifter will be able to send me some of his thoughts today so I can maybe set them up to post next week.

Today my weight is right where it should be for the meet on September 3rd. I am at 166. I am more worried about not being able to eat right on vacation and losing muscle than I am about gaining fat. I am hoping to be able to get a morning run on the beach in and maybe some pushups and crunches nightly. If you recall I have posted before about being able to workout where ever you are, even though friends or family may criticize you for it. I have chosen this healthy lifestyle and plan to stick to it. I also have goals and aspirations in regards to lifting and fitness that can only be achieved through hard work and dedication. It is a funny thing when you are fat and overweight like I was the people closest to you, feel they need to remind you of it on a regular basis. Then when you lose the weight and become fit and find that it is what has been missing in your life they want to criticize you for the dedication you have towards it. This is why I have stated to you that you have to do this for yourself and nobody else. Losing weight and getting fit for the sake of someone else is not going to change your relationship with anyone. It can only change how you view yourself.

How you view yourself is very often a challenge in itself. Many people have a challenge after they lose the weight realizing they are not the same person on the outside that they were. They still view themselves as out of shape and unhealthy. It sometimes take a stranger or a family member they have not seen in a while to pay them a compliment or ask them how the did it. As you lose weight you may notice, some changes in your skin. Remember your fat cells store toxins and as the fat cells are burned for fuel they release those toxins into the body. This can result in your skin breaking out. Yeah this means it is time to exfoliate. LOL, I know I sometimes run off on tangents from actually lifting but since this is a blog on health and fitness, I think I need to do this sometimes. If you are wondering how to exfoliate you can visit “Body Wash Supplies”. This has pointers and sells products for skin care. They even have gift packages that you can send to a loved one. I had to throw that in for the guys because well, you know we don’t usually think of those things.

I will be working on my benching again today and then again next Friday. This way I get my benching in every week. I do plan on taking the week before the event off from lifting and only doing cardio as needed that week depending on my weight at that time.
Have a great workout!


Taking care of you is a lot more than just exercise and eating right. Yeah that is the big part. However as you lose the weight, you may need to change your mindset and increase your confidence in yourself. Taking care of your skin and indulging yourself once in a while is a good thing and can even be a nice reward. Learn how to exfoliate and take care of that skin at “Body Wash Supplies”

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