August 22, 2011

Rant and Tip for August 22, 2011

Hello again everyone, another weekend behind us. I did a mock meet again this past Sunday. I won’t tell you my numbers as I don’t want to jinx myself. Besides I think the other lifters a googled my name. I can see what sites send traffic to this page and if the traffic comes from a search engine; I can see the search they entered. Someone searched Wesley Kipp Bench Press. My blog was picked from the results. I have to admit I have searched them out as well. LOL birds of a feather my friends. I am already not sleeping well. My mind keeps running over my lifts. I have to make sure I sleep well though so my muscles can heal and be ready for the 3rd.

How is everyone’s dieting going? Let’s not call it a diet. That really has a negative connotation to it. How about we just decide that it is a lifestyle change. After all you are learning to eat properly for the rest of you life and not fall back into the habits that have gotten you to the state you are in now. The reason you have chosen to change your eating habits can be many. For me it was to be able to play with my children longer and the fact my triglycerides were very high. My blood pressure was climbing and I took that as a wake up call. Through proper diet and exercise I brought my trigs down to 12 from 350 or 360 something like that. My blood pressure is right in line and my doctor tells me I am in the top 5% of his healthiest patients. Not bad for a guy who was on medication to try to control those things. I am not on any medications and continue to be very healthy. You can get there as well. You know you can and that is why you keep popping in this blog to realize that anyone can really make the changes they need. Be sure to check my before and after photos to see the change you can look forward to. Use it as motivation to reach your own goals. If I can do this anyone can. To get started just start tracking your food intake and if you can start looking at food as a fuel that is meant to do just that fuel the body you will be successful. You don’t have to look at food as a fuel. I just seems to help me. From the standpoint of eating enough to eating the right foods.

Once you have made the commitment to start exercising you need to then find something you truly enjoy doing and plan it the same way you would plan a meeting or an appointment. Put it on your calendar, and treat it as important as any other appointment. Be flexible but make sure it is set as a one of your priorities. Once you make the commitment and it becomes part of you schedule it will also become a habit and you almost need to do it to be happy. After all there are more than just the unseen health benefits, but what you friends and family will see is a happier healthier you. It is funny this past weekend I had to put a new ridge vent on my roof, while I was up there my neighbor was talking to me and he asked me how much weight I had lost. I told him and from my roof we talked about exercise and diet. I have seen him a several times since losing the weight but I guess he was just waiting to see if I put it back on. Happily I have not and if you do it properly you will not either.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Do not, I repeat do not, look at you lifestyle change as a diet. The thing is the moment you go off any diet you will put the weight back on. When you go back to eating the way you did to get fat there is only one result that will take place, you will put the fat back on. Also since your body has already been fat it thinks that is a normal state for it and will actually want to be there. If you maintain your new weight once the fat is lost, over time that will become the new norm and it will be easier for you to maintain.

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