September 12, 2012

You have the power to make you happy!

Rant and Tip for September 12, 2012

Quote: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.  I can choose which it shall be.” – Groucho Marx

Very interesting that it took a comedian to make this quote. I find it interesting that many of us go through life unhappy with something in our lives. The only person that can change that situation is you. No one else can make us happy and the only person that can is you. The first place to start is with yourself, look deep inside and determine if it is something you need to change about you that will help make you happy again. Is it physical or emotional that needs to be fixed? Many times it is an emotional state that affects the physical state. 

I know sometimes our surroundings and the stresses we surround ourselves with, can have an impact on our diet. We become emotional eaters and turn to food to comfort us. Hey I get it, 1 sweet piece of good chocolate can be comforting or that bag of potato chips with a soda chaser sometimes seems like just what the doctor ordered. Last night I got frustrated about a situation at home and instead of turning to food I went to the gym and helped a group of guys spotting and loading plates. Earlier in the day I was not feeling real well so I did not work out myself but I did help the others. This also helps me get over the stresses of the evening. You may not be able to go to the gym like I did last night but you can go out for a walk or even a jog. Make these things your comfort activity. They are much healthier and it will give you time to reflect on what needs to change to help you reach the level of happiness you deserve.

Benching will be the call of the day and I plan on hitting it hard, knocking out my final set of 5 at 280 pounds. Each week for the next 4 weeks the goal is it increase that set of 5 by 5 pounds. That is the goal anyway. Getting my raw bench strength can only help me in my shirted bench. That is my thought anyway. Although many people have told me it does not work that way. We will see.
Breakfast today was a delicious cheese 4 egg omelet. I love my eggs in the morning and I never skip breakfast, even if I am not feeling hungry. This gets the body burning fuel first thing in the morning letting it know it will be supplied with fuel the rest of the day. The metabolism gets rocking from this type of fuel first thing in the morning. No more skipping breakfast.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Benching is not just pushing the bar up and down. There are basically two types of benching: one is for putting on size and the second is benching for strength and power. If you are working for size higher reps to load the muscle with blood is what you want. If you are benching to get stronger in the lift you want lower reps and heavier weight. You want to stress the central nervous system as well as the tendons to get them stronger.

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