September 13, 2012

Is Failure a form of Success!

Rant and Tip for September 13, 2012

Quote: Failure is success if we learn from it.” Malcolm Forbes

I learn a lot from my failures, and I will continue to learn from them. Each time I fail whether it is from a lift or my diet or some other aspect of my life I try to learn from it. Learning from failures in lifting become easy when you use video to critique the lift, having an honest lifting partner and not someone who is just going to cheer you on is a big help also. Even if I get a lift and there is something wrong with my form, I want to know about it. Do not say hey great lift and then not point out the flaw in it. If you want to get stronger in a lift you need to start critiquing your form first. Once your form is right then you can work on the weaknesses you have.

As far as your daily diet the best thing to do is track you foods and make sure you are planning your meals for the day. This will give you less room for those mistakes where you just grab something that is not on plan. Really failure in your diet is easier to fix than your form in a lift. Dieting while it seems hard and you need will power it can be done. You just have to realize you are worth the extra effort needed in planning. Then once you plan is set use it. When you do fail to follow your plan take a look at your day and figure out where you did not follow through with your diet plan for the day. Once you do that find a way to not make the same mistake again.

Benching went well last night and I hit some numbers I had not hit in a while. Then after the work sets I did some board work and found 315 flew up from a 1 board. I will be ready for a double my body weight bench again very soon. Today will be back day and maybe biceps as well. I have to be careful with the bicep training because of my torn bicep tendon. I will still work it because feel it needs to be done so I do not injure myself again. I wonder in the back of my mind did the tendon tear because I was not working the biceps as hard as I work my triceps. My bench is strong and there is a lot of work done by the triceps in that lift. So on the days I am doing pulling exercises I will be sure to include bicep work.

Have a great workout!

Tip:       Put It In Writing! 

Keeping track of your progress is crucial for staying on board with any plan. It offers immediate encouragement, and on days when you falter, you can look back at your log for a mental pick-me-up--instead of writing yourself off as a lost cause. Gaining a couple of pounds this week isn't so discouraging if you have a chart showing a line sloping downward for the past 6 months.

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