September 17, 2012

''It’s better to burn out than it is to rust ''

Rant and Tip for September 17, 2012

Quote: ''It’s better to burn out than it is to rust '' by Neil Young

Pretty interesting quote don’t you think. I agree with this state though. I would rather continue to shake rattle and roll then get rusty and seize up. As long as we keep our bodies moving it will continue to support us and allow us to do things that we want to do. I remember many years ago the mind set was once we retire that we had to slow down. Heck it even seemed that many people died shortly after retiring. It was almost like it was a death sentence to retire. Now things have changed. When people retire today they have all kinds of opportunities to do things they never had and or always wanted to do. Some seniors are sky diving even. Now here is the tricky part. If you do not maintain an exercise schedule now you will be too rusty to enjoy your retirement later. Of course is goes without saying that if you diet is poor your health will more than likely fail as well, thus not allowing you to again enjoy your retirement. 

I know it seems that to think of these things years before retirement is a little on the crazy side, but I ask you which isn’t crazy to work your whole life and then not be able to enjoy your retirement.  Let’s fix that diet now and get that body moving in preparation to be able to do things later.

Had a great bench day yesterday and will be working my core today. All my core work today will be done with additional weights. Not just body weight. Crunches will have a dumbbell on my chest and pulse ups will have a dumbbell between my feet. Many people do not think to use weights with their core workout. I like to treat my core like the other muscle groups of the body and work them as hard as I work everything else. Since I do work it as hard I also give it plenty of time to rest between workouts. 

Have a great workout!


Overhead Squat –Is a core exercise you may have not thought of. Really any exercise where you are taking a weight over your head will force you to contract your core for balance. To perform the squat simply grab a barbell or set of dumbbells and hold them over your head and squat down. Using proper squat form.


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