September 6, 2012

Do bad days make for good workouts?

Rant and tip for September 5, 2012

Quote: “Bad days make for great workouts” Unknown

This quote is so true. For those of you who may have just stumbled across my blog and do not exercise, but want to start let this quote introduce you to another benefit of exercise. It is a fact that proper exercise can be a mood enhancer. It releases endorphins into the body that elevate your mood to a more positive attitude. There have been days that I have had a horrible drive to work where I was cut off my drivers who do not use their directional to drivers just being careless. This can put anyone into a bad mood. The next thing you know the rest of your day seems just as bad. These are the days I get the best workouts. Not only do I already know that the workout will release endorphins, I get to throw around heavy poundage releasing stress and any pent up frustrations. It really does the body good. Don’t get me wrong there are even days that seem so frustrating that I do not want to go to the gym. However, I make myself go and usually have the best day in the gym on those days. I am able to push the reps and weight to the limit and enjoy every push and pull. Then afterward I am stress and frustration free, unless of course I miss a lift that I should have gotten. But that is a whole different story.

Now for those of us following a strict diet, if you happen to have a day where you do not follow the diet as strictly as you would have liked keep in mind an extra half hour of intense strength training or cardio can help negate the negative effects those extra calories or carbs would have on you. I know it is difficult to stay the course long term on a new diet plan and this is why I often say that a change in your diet needs to be a complete lifestyle change. You are no longer looking to change your diet in the time being you are looking to change it permanently so that you can maintain a healthy body weight. When you do have that slip up though or perceive it to be a bad day, engage in some physical activity and get over it. Endorphins will flow and you will be happier for it. As I say that what comes to mind for me is that many people turn to foods during times of stress and frustration. Make this a lifestyle change as well. Instead of eating something trying going for a brisk walk or run and consider throwing some weights around. Okay not literally throwing them more of a controlled movement is better.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Many people have told me they do not have time to get to the gym. To these people I say then get some dumbbells and try one of the workout routines on my blog. All you need is a set of dumbbells and an hour a day to get yourself fit and strong.

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  1. I think there is definitely something to this. I had a lousy day just a couple weeks ago. I felt uncreative, uninspired, dissatisfied at work, and just plain stupid. The one positive thing I felt was strong, physically. I knew that the only thing I really felt up to that day was a workout. And I was right. I use Fred Hahn's SlowBurn method, and as I recall, I ended up having a great session. I do keep records, but I don't remember what exact day it was, so I can't point to the stats for evidence, but I know it was a much better day after I finished on the TG.