October 4, 2012

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.”

Rant and Tip for October 4, 2012

Quote: “You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” ― Virginia Woolf

When I first read this quote the first thing that came to mind is emotional eating. Many people do this and in some cases it is actually killing them. It is not easy to quit this emotional habit. We get stressed, we eat. We get angry or feel lonely we turn to the comfort of food. This is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. The first step is to recognize that you are an emotional eater.  Medicnenet.com list the following as triggers.

How to Identify Eating Triggers

Situations and emotions that trigger us to eat fall into five main categories.
  • Social. Eating when around other people. For example, excessive eating can result from being encouraged by others to eat; eating to fit in; arguing; or feelings of inadequacy around other people.
  • Emotional. Eating in response to boredom, stress, fatigue, tension, depression, anger, anxiety, or loneliness as a way to "fill the void."
  • Situational. Eating because the opportunity is there. For example, at a restaurant, seeing an advertisement for a particular food, passing by a bakery. Eating may also be associated with certain activities such as watching TV, going to the movies or a sporting event, etc.
  • Thoughts. Eating as a result of negative self-worth or making excuses for eating. For example, scolding oneself for looks or a lack of will power.
  • Physiological. Eating in response to physical cues. For example, increased hunger due to skipping meals or eating to cure headaches or other pain.
To identify what triggers excessive eating in you, keep a food diary that records what and when you eat as well as what stressors, thoughts, or emotions you identify as you eat. You should begin to identify patterns to your excessive eating fairly quickly.
There we go again keeping a diary; I have suggested this with your workouts as well. Keeping track of not only your weights and reps, but also how you feel before and after a workout, as well as your diet before and after.
To break the emotional habit of over eating Medicinenet.com suggest the following
  • Read a good book or magazine or listen to music.
  • Go for a walk or jog.
  • Take a bubble bath.
  • Do deep breathing exercises.
  • Play cards or a board game.
  • Talk to a friend.
  • Do housework, laundry, or yard work.
  • Wash the car.
  • Write a letter.
  • Or do any other pleasurable or necessary activity until the urge to eat passes.
Now I do not know about house work but it seems anything you can do that will keep your mind and hands busy will help a great deal. Of course for me what work best are exercise and any activity that will get the heart racing or get my mind thinking of something else.

Box squats went well last night and I find I have a lot to learn in the squat. I have change up my training to get the assistance I need in the squat. Right now it is mostly form that I still need to get perfect to get the most out of the muscle and neuro transmitters that I can. Today will be a shoulder workout. Military presses, reverse flies, side and front lateral raises and at some point in the day I will get my cardio in.
Have a great workout!

Tip: Plan ahead. Curb the afternoon munchies by planning ahead. Tempted to hit that vending machine? Have some string cheese, protein water or a handful of nuts at the ready to help keep you satisfied.

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  1. This is so awesome! I am stopping by from UBC and I wrote about addictions in my post today too! How cool. I will be back! Welcome to the challenge!