October 9, 2012

Make your hopes and dreams come true now!

Rant and Tip for October 9, 2012

Quote: “The way is not in the sky, the way is in your heart” Buddha

Buddha said “Do not dwell in the past; do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. I do not believe he meant not to plan the future and set a goal for yourself but to implement your plan now. If we always look to the sky daydreaming, the goals you want to achieve will not be made. You need to plan ahead and not dream ahead. Too many of us hope for things to change, like hoping to lose the extra weight or hoping to find time to work out. Act now, act in the present moment and work towards your goals, weight loss, implementing an exercise program or any other personal goal.

I was reading an article yesterday and it really got me thinking about how we look at food. Dr. Eric Stice PhD, a senior research scientist at Oregon Research Institute, said “Some people are hypersensitive to food. They find things like chocolate cake orgasmic, so they tend to overeat it.” He went on to say that we need to stay away from foods that make us lose control. One of the tricks I have learned to do was also mentioned in the article. When a food is available that traditionally I would have died to have, I think to myself instead of how delicious it will be, I will think how it will affect my body. What negative effects will this have on me? It will spike my insulin levels in turn make my body prone to store fat if I am not performing an intense exercise, it will not fuel my body properly as it will not sustain me long enough and I will just be hungry again in a couple hours. I think about the health issues I have had in the past and by doing this the food is no longer attractive to me. I do not crave chocolate cake anymore, I do not crave candy or pasta.

Funny pasta is one of those foods I hear many people say they cannot live without. I usually ask them how they prepare their pasta and most people will say they put some type of sauce on it.  Then ask them do they miss the sauce or the pasta. Ultimately it is what they put on the pasta they miss most, and there are other things you can put that sauce on.

I have also been thinking of the excuses I hear about not having the time for exercise and I am just too tired to implement a exercise program. Listen, you are probably watching TV at some point in the day or working at a desk for 8 hours and getting a lunch break. If you are watching TV it is time to use that remote to aid in your workout. Hold the remote in your hand and your arms straight out and do squats back in to your chair. I know it is not much but at least you are doing something. On the next commercial pop of some variation of a pushup, use the couch and do inclined pushups if you cannot do a regular pushup.

While at work remember the work will still be there after your lunch.  Skipping your lunch is not the thing to do. I know some of you are thinking, “Well I am so busy that I just eat my lunch at my desk” It is not about the food at this moment. Many people eat at their desk, including myself. What matters is getting up and moving, it invigorates the mind and get the blood flowing, it will even help you to regain focus on that big project. Take a walk during your lunch, and if you are up to it go up and down the stairs a few time and increase you amount of stairs you take each week. It does the body good.

Bench press is the exercise of the day and handling heavy weight will be the call. I will be assisting my trainee with commands today. Her very first meet is October 27, 2012 at Albany Strength. It is an USAPL event and she is going to do well.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Purchasing an expensive piece of exercise equipment will not make you exercise more. Just check craigslist, you can find a ton of equipment that no uses. Create an exercise habit first. Once you have the habit then you can think about adding some equipment. I have seen many a treadmill that are now laundry holders.

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