October 17, 2012

Do you place your mistakes on your head?

Rant and Tip for October 17, 2012

Quote: “Do not place your mistakes on your head, they will weigh you down. Instead place them under your feet and stand on them to see your horizons” Unknown

A friend posted this on facebook this morning and to me this says it all. We all have made mistakes or done things that we are not proud of. If we let these things weigh on our minds it will destroy us. It will weigh us down. Nothing is worse than spending your time rehashing an error in your eating plan or over thinking a lift that went poorly. I have had both happen to me. Usually with the eating part it is easy for me to move on. However when it comes to lifting I sometimes become a head case and this I need to get over myself with. No need to rehash what I did wrong. Just go out and do it right next time.

If you are finding that you are not able to follow your diet take a look at what you are eating. Maybe you are just bored with what your menu has been and do not tell me you miss your pasta. We all know pasta is just a venue to carry sauce of some type. Which depending on the diet you follow you may be able to have on something else, like spaghetti squash. It is easy to fall into a rut with your food. I tend to eat the same things all the time. However I look at food as fuel now and not much more. So for me while boring, it serves it purpose. Do not get me wrong sometimes I will make something special and then I am still able to stay on plan.

This week is a light week in terms of my workouts. With the meet next weekend I will not be going heavy. I will only work up to my opener. Maybe my second lift too. I will check with some more experienced lifters and see what they think. I missed my bench night last night, so tonight, since it is a light night I may do both squat and bench. This may be a good thing as my trainee has not done both in one day. This should be a good meet.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Life happens and we need to be flexible in our workouts. We cannot always get what we want but we do need to make it a priority. Treat your workouts like a doctor’s appointment and do you very best to make each one.

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