October 29, 2012

"If at first you do not succeed try, try again!"

Rant and Tip until the next time!

Quote:  "If at first you do not succeed try, try again!" Thomas H. Palmer

Well my friends it has been some time since I started this blog and I will be back to it in the future. However I have to take some time off from blogging to focus on some personal issues I have at home. I love my children dearly and they must come first. I will be back but want to leave you with some words, whether they are wise or not is up to you.

Many of us have tried many different diets over the years to only put the weight back on. That is because you look at these diets as temporary things in our lives. A diet has to be a lifestyle change. If you go on a “diet” and it works then stick with that method of eating. It obviously works for you. Too many people will go on a diet lose the weight and then go back to their old ways of eating. Then they wonder why they put the weight back on. It is painfully obvious why you put the weight back on. Unfortunately we do not realize it till after it is back on us. Also just the same way we have muscle memory I think our bodies have fat memory as well. It is just as comfortable putting it back on and carrying it around. The down side is our heart health, blood work and breathing capacity is all effected by the additional weight. Make your health a priority and you will find staying on your new eating plan, or lifestyle change will be much easier.

When I first lost the 40 pounds of fat I was carrying around my doctor was thrilled with me. He said to me “Jim, what did you do” I responded “Changed my diet and exercised Doc”, “Just like you guys always tell  us”. He and I later discussed how I change my diet to a low carb diet and he insisted on blood work another month out. He and I were both pleased to see my numbers in the healthy ranges and in the top 5 percent of his patients.

I created my own exercise program; it was something that worked for me. It started with a half an hour of strength training followed up by half an hour of cardio. The weight came off fast and I was please in the transformation of my body. I did not have to spend money on a celebrity endorsed exercise program. I just had to set my mind to fixing my body. If you want an exercise program take a look at my links to the left. I am sure you can find something for yourself. I now train more for Powerlifting and do not have those workouts posted. It is always changing for me and I am still learning how to train like a powerlifter instead of a body builder. I have a lot to learn. However, for the average person just trying to get fit you will find a good starting point from my links. I do not charge for them but if you find them helpful and are so inclined please feel free to donate by using the link at the top of the page.

Exercise really needs to be part of any healthy lifestyle change that is designed to help lose fat and stay healthy. Many people as they get older forgo strength training. This is the time to really work on your strength conditioning. It is a fact that strength conditioning will help strengthen your bones and help with blood circulation. Your body regardless of age needs to be up under load. It is this load which triggers hormones in the body to repair and strengthen it. Remember we do not grow old because we exercise, we grow old because we do not. Dr. Anton Reel said to me “We may age, but we do not have to grow old”. I love that quote. Let’s all remember that one.
God bless and until next time.


Tip: I will continue to take questions from the email link above and look forward to hearing from you. I will not be gone forever, I just need some time for my children. Feel free to email me with questions and comments. 

I 'll be back! 

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