June 6, 2012

Can you increase your metabolic rate?

Rant and Tip for June 6, 2012

Quote:  Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.

This quote is something I often tell the children of the sports teams that my children participate on. Basically when a mistake is made or you do not perform up to your own standards you need to move on like it never happened. Treat each new play or lift in my case as a new opportunity. Treat it as a new day. Aren’t all diets this way, when you make a mistake in your diet you need to treat the next moment as a fresh start.

Today I want to talk about creating a metabolic fire storm. You see many times when people go on a diet they tend to go extremely low calorie and this will cause them to go into a slow metabolic rate. The problem here is your brain and body are an amazing tool and it knows when it is not getting enough food. Now here is the other problem, as you start exercising you will actually need more calories. By adding a few more calories with your exercise program and I mean good calories not crap, high sugar calories, but good non processed calories. When you combing proper diet with vigorous exercise you can kick start your metabolic rate and you will see fat loss. It will not be easy, but it can be done. You can get your metabolism to operate at a faster rate. Track you nutritional intake and your body fat percent and make note of what works for you. Everyone’s body is different. This is why tracking is so important.

Yesterday benching went well. I stuck with the dumbbell as I was not able to get to a gym with the equipment I need. However the dumbbells are able to help me continue to train. Today will be shoulders and back. I want to try and get thicker through the upper shoulders and traps.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Make exercise and diet your priority. To many times we put everything else in our lives ahead of ourselves. 

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