June 21, 2012

Go past your self imposed boundaries!

Rant and Tip for June 21, 2012

Quote: “It’s not trespassing to go beyond your boundaries” Dr. Mark Hillman
Dr. Mark Hillman and Nancy Grace

With today’s rant the quote from Dr. Mark Hillman comes to mind. “It’s not trespassing to go beyond your boundaries”. I am lucky enough to get to enjoy a cup of coffee and some quick wit banter with Dr. Hillman on a regular basis. He has a coffee mug with this quote on it. As I read this quote it struck me that we set our own boundaries and many times these boundaries are not broad enough. People who do not set boundaries at all may truly be the real heroes in our society.

Let’s talk instead about those of us who set our boundaries. Maybe we all sell ourselves short a little bit. Maybe we all need to look beyond the boundaries we set. When we set big goals are they big enough or do we pigeonhole ourselves in a fashion that doesn’t let us live or lives to fullest. Dr. Hillman was my High School guidance counselor; he is now a well known therapist. He has appeared on Nancy Grace’s show and The O’Reilly Factor.  If he had boundaries in the past he has long gone past those boundaries. Feel free to check out his website

When it comes to diet and exercise we have all set boundaries that is it perfectly fine to go past. Some people have it set in their minds that each meal of the day has to be a certain type of food. Like eggs are only meant for breakfast or that a grilled chicken breast is not meant for breakfast. This is a simple example of a boundary set by you and not by society. You have imposed your own boundary and it is ok to trespass past it. Now this is a very simple example of a boundary. Another boundary I hear is from some people who are obese, when they say I cannot go to the gym because I do not feel comfortable there. Poppycock! I have never been at the gym heard anyone say anything negative about someone doing something to get into shape. I applaud them and if I see them their often I will even tell them if they have any questions to please ask.

 I do not know what boundaries you have set in your life but don’t you think it is time to assess those boundaries that affect you health and fitness and choose to trespass past them. So  I will ignore any boundaries I have set for myself and go beyond them. I will push harder and not let my fear of the unknown hinder me. Your goal this week is to look at the boundaries you have set for yourself, determine what boundaries have kept you from reaching your health and fitness goals. Let’s do this together!

Today will be shoulders and back for me!

Have a great workout!

Tip: Ignore your self imposed boundaries and go for a walk on the other side of that boundary. Trespass a little.

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