August 19, 2012

Is Opportinity Knocking?

Rant and Tip for August 19, 2012

Quote: “If opportunity does not knock, build a door! Milton Berle

Although Milton Berle was a comedian he had a quote here that really rings true. Some people it seems to us have been blessed in that is seems that everything they touch turns to gold. Maybe it is not that they are lucky, maybe they built the door and then walked through it. This applies to our physical fitness and our pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. If it seems others are gifted in their pursuit of a fit and healthy body, maybe they struggled and actually built their own door (or exercise program, or diet) and walked through it every day. Yes I do agree that there are some people who are truly gifted with a great metabolism and I assure you I am not one of them. I watch what I eat daily and continue a exercise regimen. If you are struggling with your diet or exercise regimen, build your own door and work your way through it. You can and will be successful.

Another thing that many people struggle with is addictions. Some addictions are healthy, like my mild addiction to exercise. Other addictions are not so healthy. Alcohol and drug addictions can be deadly both literally as well as deadly to your relationships and work life. I have friends and family in Atlanta Georgia and they have experience with Atlanta drug abuse rehab centers . They sing their praises and I have to believe the centers are all over the country just waiting to help. I am told the Atlanta Drug Rehab is able to give their clients the anonymity and complete confidentiality they need to pursue the recovery. If you are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction please do not be afraid to get the help you need. If you are looking for a facility in Georgia consider the Atlanta facility found in the links above. If you are not in that area I am sure you can just perform and internet search and find a facility that can benefit you.

Training went OK yesterday. I was able to train at Muscles in Motion in Oneonta. I only warmed up and worked to hitting my opener for the National Bench Press meet in Palm Springs California. I am looking forward to this event and what it may hold. I truly believe my biggest competitor will be my own head, literally and figuratively. There are strong competitors at this event and I cannot control what they press. I am striving to do the best I can and as long as I do that, I am a winner in my book. Competing in the bench shirt is still new to me. This will be only my second meet in the shirt and I plan on doing better than the last time. Today will be a cardio day for me so I can be sure to make wake next Saturday.

Have a great workout!

Tip: When you build your door, make sure it is big enough for you to walk through. Do not build your door with limitations or to narrow to allow you the flexibility that is needed. 

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