August 15, 2012

Do you feel labeled?

Rant and Tip for August 15, 2012

Quote: "Success doesn't come to you--you go to it."   Marva Collins

You may wonder who Marva Collins is, let me help you a little with that one. She was and educator who started Westside Preparatory School in Garfield Park in Chicago Illinois. She is famous for successfully teaching impoverished students who had been labeled as learning disabled. She also wrote "I have discovered few learning disabled students in my three decades of teaching. I have, however, discovered many, many victims of teaching inabilities." I can imagine this woman standing in front of her class saying the quote above. Inspiring those children who had been labeled to be so much more than they ever thought they would be.

Sometimes we are those children, we have been labeled as lazy, fat, and good for nothing, unattractive and in some cases even treated as a second class citizen just because we are (or in my case was) over weight. Now I was only 40 lbs over weight and this does not compare to what some other people have lost or want to lose, however I see the emotional damage that has been done through others actions and deeds. My friends I say to you that you are worth making the changes in your life, however “Success doesn’t come to you – you go to it.” Go for the success that you seek, ignore those who hold you back and label you. Take back your lives and live them to the fullest. Do not subject yourself to the indignity of being treated with disrespect. Throw aside the labels that have been assigned to you and assign your own labels. “Dedicated”, “Empowered”, “Intelligent”, “Outgoing” and dare we say “FIT”.

Cardio is done this morning, and I had to push myself through it. Yesterday was a weighted core day with lots of low back work as well. We hit our obliques hard as well and to be honest this made the cardio more difficult. It hurt to breath. LOL. Today will be a raw bench day and really working on set up. Keeping my shoulders very tight and treating every weight heavy.

If you have questions regarding diet and exercise feel free to email me. My email is at the top of the page. I also have a question and answer page where I will post your questions with your permission of course.

 Have a great workout!

Tip:  If training for strength and power you need to use heavier weight and lower reps. The 3 to 5 rep range and in some cases 2 to 3 reps. this will tax the central nervous system more and help strengthen the tendons and muscles. If your goal is to get larger muscles, stick with the higher rep ranges of 12 to 15. This will engorge the muscle with blood and help stretch the fascia membrane that surrounds the muscle.

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