January 24, 2012

There is no such thing as over training just under resting

Rant and Tip for January 23, 2012

Quote: “There is no such thing as over training just under resting” John Parrillo

I have taken this philosophy to heart. I try to train very hard during my training sessions. Longer is not always better. I am not one of these guys that get to go to the gym for 2 hours and put in a huge workout and then go home to rest and give my muscles enough time to heal from a 2 hour workout. Heck sometimes I have trouble just getting 6 hours rest in. Really not enough for the simple hour I get in a day. The only days I get a longer workout in are a Sunday morning or a Wednesday evening. It is at these times that my children are busy with other functions or are able to be with a family member while I train. THANK YOU Hilary!!!  Any way my point here is to make sure you get the proper rest for the amount of working out you are doing.

You may not see a correlation to this quote and your diet however think if it this way. You need to spend a lot of time training yourself to eat properly. There really is no such thing as overtraining when it comes to teaching yourself to eat properly. You need to retrain your taste buds as well as retool you mind to plan your diet better and be more consistent in your daily walk with your new lifestyle. Actually this is harder than any exercise program you start to follow. You will still need to make sure you get enough sleep as well. Even if you exercise is minimal. Sleep is the time you body takes to repair itself in many ways. I remember when I was learning to write code. I would sometimes wake up dreaming code. The code I was dreaming was actually the answer to a homework assignment that I had. I got out of bed and wrote it down. Then I was able to get to a sound sleep. I had gone to bed the night before feeling defeated and broken. I needed rest and my body new it. I just didn’t know it. After a few hours of rest not only had my body had time to heal but my mind was refreshed and I was able to finish my project. OK I know this was a reach applying the quote to your diet plan, but I had to try.

Today will be a day for squats. March is right around the corner and I want to make a solid showing. I think I will go for box squats to a 14 inch box. This brings me below parallel and will assist me in developing explosive power out of the hole. I will keep an eye on my shoulders during the lifts so as to not cause any injury from the weight resting on them. I have to keep my exuberance in check and keep in mind my main goal is to have a good showing at the world meet.

Have a great workout!

Tip: Think about what you can add to your diet, not what you should take away.


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