February 6, 2013

What was your defining moment?

What was your defining moment? 

I was in the gym the other day talking to a young man who had recently gotten back into training. Seems this happens often where a person gets away and then comes back. Happens with our diets too.

He asked me what was my defining moment. When it was that I knew I had to make changes in my eating and physical habits. I told him it was my children and some bad blood work that came back. You can read the story here. He then proceeded to tell me he was listening to someone speak and they gave him a scenario that went something like this.

Imagine there is a bed of hot coals and someone asked you to run across them. Would you do it? The response is of course not. Now imagine that bed of hot coals and now someone offered you a billion dollars to run across those coals. Then you you do it. The response in many cases is probably.  Now although this is an extreme scenario it does show anything can be overcome in your mind given the right motivation.

Let your health, physical endurance, family, even your own vanity be your motivation. We all have a defining moment when we realize something needs to be done. The challenge is deciding to make it a priority. They all tie in together. You can make the changes that need to me made. Write down your explicit goals and make note of you implicit goals.

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