February 10, 2013

Strength Training and Women, “The Myth”

Strength Training and Woman, “The Myth”

For some time now I have been talking on and off the benefits of strength training for women. It is astounding to me how often I have to dispel the myth about strength training leading to a woman getting bulky and looking like a man. Training if done properly will not lead to a woman bulking up. Yes there are some genetic anomalies out there that may be predisposed to getting larger but without synthetic help it is very unlikely a woman will get bulky. 

Nancy Hayward, Ann Manning, Taylor Thorton, Danielle Messick , Shanna Jacobs
I recently assisted a friend in a Powerlifting Meet in Fairhaven Vermont. It was a nice meet and all the competitors were amazing. Many of the competitors were women and several young ladies who have yet to see their potential in the sport. I spoke to 5 of these ladies and I am happy to share their photos and videos here to help dispel the myth. Take note of Taylor Thorton, this young lady is only 13 years old and is already setting records. She is a petite young girl and does not look bulky in the least.  As a matter of fact none of the female competitors were the least bit “BULKY”. 

In addition to Taylor, other female competitors were, Ann Manning, Nancy Hayward, Shanna Jacobs and Danielle Messick. There were others as well, I just did not get to speak to them or see them lift. These ladies competed in different divisions, raw and geared. I am waiting on the young ladies to email me to let me know their numbers they actually lifted and I will post them when I get them. 

I feel it is important to point out these women, and yes Taylor you are only 13 and I am lumping in as a woman, train hard and did not just decide to they going to show up February 9 and break records. NO they have been training hard and yet, they are not bulky. 

Ladies the proof is in the pictures and in the videos. Strength training will not make you look “Manish”, It is not likely you are going to get all bulky. The myth is officially squashed, now get out there and do some strength training.

When you start your strength training you will need to fuel you body properly. So be sure to make this a lifestyle change. Be sure to eat enough fuel to get a good workout in and leave the soda, chips and candy bars at the store. That is not fuel and never meant to be.

Have a great workout!

Tip: If you have finally decided to start a training regimen, take it slow at first and do not expect to push heavy weight right away.  Give yourself credit for just getting out there.

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  1. Thanks for this Taylor was so excited. All women should know they aren't going to look like Jay Cutler for picking up a weight. Taylor's lifts were 145,165,180,190 all at 93 pounds. I hope this ecourages all women old and you to participate in a fit life.

    1. She did a great job! You should be proud! Tell her to share it with her friends at school

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and for the inspiration. I'm a huge fan and this one is my favorite to date. Love it!Hope to have more good articles.

  3. I will be writing again very soon. It is time to puut together some great articles to help the masses.