October 24, 2009

Intermediate Workout Schedule for Thursday

20 min of cardio before breakfast, Try doing Burpees http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Perform-Burpees-Exercise-121354519 OK For Thursday We will work legs. I set these up to be able to be done at home. So everyone can be able to get their exercise in. If you have access to a Gym and a smith machine do your squats in that. Make sure to use a lighter weight and have someone watch your form. It is easy to get sloppy in the smith machine Dumb bell squats http://www.dumbbell-exercise.com/dumbbell-squats.htm This is the grand daddy of all exercises. 3 sets of 10 use a weight you can hold for that long. The lower you can go the more you will hit the hamstrings as well. Dumb bell Lunges http://www.dumbbell-exercise.com/dumbbell-lunges.htm You have all heard of these 3 sets of 10 Calf raises This just requires a four inch high board. Take a look here. You can use the board instead of the dumbbells http://www.dumbbell-exercise.com/calf-raises-on-a-dumbbell.htm 3 sets of 15 one set toe pointing straight. one set toe pointing in and one set toes pointing out. Lastly you will need some ankle weights if you work out at home. If you are in the gym 3 sets of leg curls If working at home attach the weights to your ankles. Lie down on your stomach and bend your legs at the knees. Try to make you heels touch your buttocks. Before Bed don't forget your crunches shoot for 20 to 30 after all you don't have to have a weight on your chest tonight

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