October 24, 2009

Intermediate Workout Schedule for Friday

20 min of cardio before breakfast, Try doing Burpees http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-Perform-Burpees-Exercise-121354519 Friday will be our arm and core day 2 Pulse Ups http://www.fullfitness.net/exercises/abs/pulse 3 sets of 10 Done right you can really feel these If they seem to easy you can use some ankle weights Leg raises http://www.dumbbell-exercise.com/straight-legged-leg-lifts.htm You can do these on the floor Standing Dumbbell Side Bends 3 sets of 10 each side http://www.ab-core-and-stomach-exercises.com/dumbbell-exercises.html Chop This one is tricky http://www.ehow.com/video_4942493_abs-exercise-obliques-wood-chop.html# The video shows it with a cable. If you have a cable great otherwise you can do it with a dumbbell. 3 sets of 10 each side


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