March 20, 2011

100% Raw Meet

I set the 100 % Raw 165 lb Bench Press record for the Masters Division.

This is a shot of one of my lifts.

I set the NYS 100% Raw 165 lb record Masters 2 division record.

I did not hit a personal best which I was hoping for. I made a technical error on my third lift. I lifted my head. This was a very well run event in Fayettville NY

Hunter Claypatch Ran a nice event. Thank you to the Fayetville YMCA for hosting the event.

This Federation has what seems to be a very long pause at the chest in the bench press competition. I am sure this is there way of doing things and it really makes sure it is a power competition. There is no way that anyone could get a bounce or boost off their chest. It is much more than a controled touch.

Bottom line I set the State Record and will compete again to set it at 315 next time I hope.


  1. That is soooo awesome Jim! Congratulations my friend!!!

  2. Thank you Cori!

    315 next time. Maybe 320. I know I can hit that.

  3. Great blogging Jim.
    !!! Re: the press command...I know from judging and competing that the press command seems much longer when you are a competitor. As judges, we are looking for motionless to show control of the weight. You are certainly right, you won't be able to bounce the bar in 100% RAW. We don't make anybody hold it longer than necessary...key word is motionless! You did it! Stay Strong

  4. Laura I thought it was great. No complaints at all. Glad to be a member!

  5. Congratulations Jim..
    Keep it up !!!